The Codex for Change

If you are exhausted of putting on a face, making yourself smaller, feeling numb, dissociative & yearning to FEEL more... 

Then I first want to say I see you, and you are safe here. 

You are precisely where you need to be right now babe. 

Whatever led you here is divine & I hope the tools below bring you clarity, softness and peace you have been yearning for.  

Throughout my journey I collect countless codes of uplevel & clarity so I can channel & lead my clients into their most authentic aligned selves. 

My mission is to lead you out of the matrix, help you unwind old beliefs & deeply drop into the timeline that holds your deepest desires & most abundant joy.

Each of these clearings hold unique codes to assist you in your process of grief, release, reset & uplevel.

Congratulations for taking the next step into alignment babes, I see you!


The Movement Sanctuary

Tried yoga, Pilates, or running but still feel stuck? The Movement Sanctuary will help you unlock your inner power and find your flow. Pre-sign up now for early access to the course! ~Coming Soon