$17.00 USD

Self Love Soiree

 The Self-love Soirée invites you to honor your journey, embrace your growth & commit to a new Era of self.

Honor Your Sacred Self this Valentine's Day.

You are invited to an intimate virtual soiree on 2/14 devoted to radical self-love, abundance and stepping into your highest potential. 

Join us as we gather in circle to unwind limiting beliefs about self-worth and co-create new empowering narratives for how we experience love, money and life.

This is an opportunity to commit to a new era of fulfilling authentic expression, joyful relationships, and limitless prosperity. 

Come adorned in an outfit that celebrates your most confident, vibrant self - as if you were going on a magical date with your soul! Have a beautiful cocktail or tea on hand to sip and toast to new beginnings. 

We’ll engage in thought-provoking discussions, grounding activities and transformational writing exercises. Be prepared with a journal nearby to capture inspired ideas and soulful affirmations.

Leave this virtual soiree feeling renewed from the inside out. You’ll gain clarity on releasing past pain and step into your highest timeline - one overflowing with self-love in all its forms.

This Valentine’s Day, gift yourself the permission to take up space, witness your light and voice your truth. Join us for a night of visioning, co-creating and living as the fullest expression of who you really are!


P.S This event is different than many others, but that's how we roll over here :) 

Brittany invites you to DRESS UP! Wear what the highest version of yourself would want to be SEEN in! We will have a moment to stand up and share our outfits before we dive into this work.

Brittany also would love for you to have the following prepared prior to the event so you feel locked into the energy and with the Soiree right when you arrive;

1. A fun mocktail or tea that you can sip as we visualize our highest selves fully coming into this avatar.

2. A notebook for downloads and messages you recieve

3. Water, we will be moving lots of energy so make sure you hydrate before, during and after babes 

What you'll get:

  • Entry to the Virtual Soiree
  • Self love coaching & light language activation by B
  • New perspectives on life, love, money, relationships & worth
  • An opportunity to release that which no longer serves you & celebrate the commitment to a new era of YOU!


Replay will be emailed out post event and available to watch for 2 weeks post event.